What Happens to Your Books

clayhaus-CLAY2140-EditNewly arriving books are first checked for condition, inserts, type of book, and appropriateness of content. Worn paperbacks are boxed for maximum security areas. Each book is then stamped with a Books Inside stamp and shelved according to genre. Books are boxed for mailing according to requests from each facility and their particular requirements, i.e., hardback, paperback, etc.. clayhaus-CLAY2086-Edit


In some cases Books Inside gets books that can't easily be used in any of the facilities, for example, older hardbacks without dust covers, or a large number of children's books that come at one time from a donation. So that each book is placed according to the most likely spot for its being well read, Books Inside also take boxes to Odyssey House, the Veterans Administration, the House of Hope, and the Haven; all places that have libraries and are appreciative of new titles.